Barrel Hopper

Side scrolling game made in Unreal Engine 4

Barrel Hopper is a side scrolling game made entirely from Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. Players must reach the seventh level by running up the ramps and jumping over exploding barrels. If a player hits a barrel, the avatar will fall over and respawn at the closest checkpoint.

The game was made in the summer of my placement year as an introduction to Unreal Engine 4 in preparation for my final year. Concepts learnt included:

  • Designing a level using the engine’s built in tools
  • The hierarchy of Unreal’s objects
  • Creating blueprints as well as using blueprint variables and functions; casting to other classes and manipulating objects
  • Creating spawning systems and triggers
  • Implementing character animations; HUDs and menus; audio; physics and collisions

Project Type

  • Personal


  • Released

Copyright Information

  • Music - Number 6841 by The Hamster Alliance under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0