Mystery At Wrathwood Farm

Skyrim mod created for university module

Mystery at Wrathwood Farm is a Skyrim mod that was created as part of a university module. Two other people and myself formed a team of three and created a mod with new environments, quests and a gameplay element using Bethesda’s Creation Kit. Upon entering the farmhouse for the first time you meet Alens Alansen, owner of the farm and the farmhouse. The player is told that the farm does not produce any crops due to a curse bestowed upon the lands by a nearby bandit clan. Asking for your help, you are given instructions to retrieve a cure that the bandits have stolen, although upon meeting them, they tell you otherwise. The player must decide who he believes – Alens, or the bandits.

My contributions to this project included:

  • All of the quest creation – this included setting the quest up, adding and recording or importing the custom dialogue and adding the gameplay, location events, aliases, quest items and scripting elements.
  • Quest AI implementation – management of patrol markers and triggers and AI placement, as well as specific AI scripts, behaviors, packages and inventories.
  • Building the main farmhouse and basement, as well as building and editing the cavern rooms and underwater sections of the cave system. I added clutter and collectable objects to each of these sections as well.
  • Lighting the farmhouse and caves, as well as adding other atmospheric effects
  • Implementing nav meshes for all the environments manually

Project Type

  • University work


  • Completed