Spooky Supremacy

A 2v2 FPS LAN game built in Unreal Engine 4

Spooky Supremacy is a multiplayer game developed as part of a year long module in my final year. The module has programmers and designers form teams and make any game from the concept phase all the way to a playable demo.

Our team is made up of four programmers and is therefore focused on technical aspects, although I did use my knowledge of games design from my placement year in order to lead the creation of a games design document.

Our game is a 2v2 four-person shooter played over LAN, where one player on each team plays as a human, and the other plays as a ghost. The goal for a human is capture the domination points on a map and eliminate enemies, whereas the goal of the ghost is to interact with traps placed on the map to hinder the other team’s progress. The gallery contains more information about gameplay.

My roles for this project included:

  • Providing my knowledge of games design to make an efficient games design document
  • Creating the front-end UI for the menus, including the Host and Join screens and the Player Options menu
  • Implementing a game profile system for player’s to change their display name and avatar image (from a predefined set)
  • Creating a lobby map, where players spawn as they change their characters and wait for the host to set up the game. This map uses blocking volumes to keep the players on the map, as well as a day/night cycle.
  • Implementing the network itself, which includes:
    • Creating a game server.
    • Allowing clients to join the server over LAN.
    • Multiple characters for players to choose from and updating the players.
    • A chat system, which allows the players to chat in the lobby/game.
    • Host tools for the host to change the map and time length, as well as kick players from the game. This updates live for connected players.
    • Server travel and loading screens.
    • Error messages for unsuccessful client connections.
  • Replicating game assets reliably across the network
  • Fixing network and gameplay issues.

A video of the project is coming soon!

Project Type

  • University


  • Completed